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Market Traders

In the competitive world of business, only efficiency combined with a good strategy will lead to success. In Market Traders your students get to experience the world of commodity production, in which quality products are traded on the stock exchange at constantly changing prices. But do they have what it takes to succeed? Only one team can win. Market Traders is suitable for many age groups and situations.

Virtual Compass

Virtual Compass is a fully working simulation of a map reading compass, that you can project as large as you like onto a screen, allowing you to demonstrate how to use a compass to a large group. Students can follow your demonstration using a real compass and map, or by using the software themselves on the classroom computers.

Annual Clock

The Annual Clock is a beautiful and fascinating way to demonstrate the passage of time. Inspired by astronomical clocks of centuries past the Annual Clock depicts the passage of seconds, minutes, hours, daylight, days, moon phases, months and seasons. Students can download the clock as a screensaver for their own computer.

Ukulele Tuner

The Ukulele Tuner does exactly what it says on the tin. By providing either plucked notes or continuous tones to tune to, it is now much easier to tune your Ukulele in readiness for practice or performance. The Uke Tuner takes a visual approach to tuning making it easy for younger players or students to see which string they are tuning up, and easy for teachers to get a whole group tuning at once.

Model Rail Scale Calculator

The model railway scale calculator is a simple and attractive application for converting real life dimensions, in imperial or metric, into OO, HO, N or Z scale measurements. Available free as a desktop application or an online app this is an indispensable tool for all railway modellers. Modellers can also download our free printable scale ruler as a PDF.

Mini-J Easy DJ Mixer

The Mini-J DJ music mixer is an easy entry to sound mixing software that's simple to get to grips with straight away. Just plug speakers into your computer audio output, load up your MP3 collection and you're ready to party. Mini-J is powerful enough to provide all the basic features of a 2 channel DJ music mixer, but easy enough for even younger kids to learn and use, providing a fun experience of using virtual sound mixing equipment but without the cost of the real thing. Budding media producers and entertainers of the future start here.
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