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Scale Calculator

Model Rail Scale Calculator:
Convert metric or imperial measurements to OO, HO, N or Z gauge scale model equivalents.

In Brief

The model railway scale calculator is a simple and attractive application for converting real life dimensions, in imperial or metric, into scale measurements.

Available free as a desktop application or an online app this is an indispensable tool for all railway modellers.

Modellers can also download our free printable scale ruler as a PDF.

Equipment Needed Online version: Computer with monitor, Internet Browser with Flash Plug in and Internet Access.

Desktop version: Windows computer with monitor.
Materials Needed None.
Time Needed Teacher discretion.
Space Needed Teacher discretion.

Download Resource

Play Online

An online version of the program is available here:
Run Online Now >

Allow a couple of minutes for loading.

Download Software

Download desktop application (Windows only) - 950KB >

Additional Resources

Download the printable scale ruler for quick and easy scale measurements 500KB >

Follow instructions on page 2 for use.

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Note From the Creator

This was originally created when a family member bought a model railway, since then I have done the same. The calculator design has been developed in conjunction with feedback from modellers both novice and experienced. I hope you find the calculator helpful to your hobby.

Happy modelling...


Usage Tips

Big to small
Quickly convert real life measurements to their scale model equivalents.

Input Imperial or Metric dimensions
Input real life measurements in Imperial or Metric to convert to scale equivalents.